Natural Max Slimming Capsules

Blue box of natural max slimming capsules is the oldest product of the company. In fact its the regular and basic product of the company Horun. After the launch of blue box company time to time launched various versions of the product. For example green box natural max (which was considered the lightest of all the variables). Another example is natural max new extra (with red and brown capsules, very effective but discontinued by the company for unknown reasons). Third one is Natural Max Red advance (Comes with two types of capsules, Appetite reducers and fat burner).

All the variables of the natural max are with no side effects. These are 100% herbal dietary food supplement and hassle free, very simple to use. The natural max slimming capsules are made of special kind of plants, some of which make you feel full. Hence keeps you away from overeating. Main ingredients of the natural max slimming capsules are sweet potato fiber, cyamoposis gum, amor phallus konjac , alfalfa and some of the plant extracts that can reduce fat inside the body such as Tukahoe, kala, guffiferoe plant, Coleus Scutellarioides and Guarana.

Being made from plants, the capsules are safe for health. The active content is 350mg/ Capsule, 25 capsules per bottle and 2 bottles per box, hence total 50 capsules per box. The dosage is to take one capsule a day, hence one box lasts up to 50 days. If in case somebody wants quicker results, and takes two capsules a day, there is no harm, two capsules a day can also be taken without any worry.

This capsules are not suitable for pregnant women, feeding mothers, blood pressure patients, people with thyroid disorders. 


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Natural max slimming capsules are an effective way to get rid of your extra weight without going to gym, with no side effects. Nothing like miracle but just a help to get rid of extra pounds without pain. That’s the main function of any slimming capsules.

Along with natural max slimming capsules, do the following to see good results fast.

Though these methods are nor compulsory with natural max slimming capsules, but these will really help you get your goals faster:

  1. Drink warm water on regular basis. Preferably empty stomach and half an hour after each meal. In fact the hidden miracle behind most of the slimming teas in the market is that warm water does more than 50% job of the slimming tea.
  2. If you don’t go gym regularly, or you don’t go gym at all. You should make a habit of light physical exercises at home, and slowly increase the intensity up to the level you are feeling comfortable with.
  3. Take stairs instead of lift where ever possible.
  4. Don’t make excuses. It’s Your Body, Your Temple, Your job to keep it in perfect shape.
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